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Pronounce is a revolutionary headphone device which trains you to speak English naturally. Your speech will be clearer and your ability to understand English speakers will be greatly improved.


Pronounce helps familiarise you with the rhythm and sound of the English language

Unlock your english fluency

During childhood, we learn to focus our attention on the phonetic structures of our native language. This is a natural cognitive process known as ‘linguistic coding’, and is an essential stage in learning to speak.

For this reason, our brains become used to processing any language in our native language's rhythm and coding. This is precisely why a child is able to easily learn several languages – the coding is not yet firmly established.

Pronounce helps familiarise you with the rhythm and sound of the English language.


«Grammar, syntax and vocabulary cannot be learnt correctly if the rhythm of a language has not been perfectly assimilated».

Jean-Pierre Granier, Phd Neurolinguist

Be twice as effective

Pronounce is a patented technology based on a significant research conducted by the European Union. This study concludes that learning with a technology based on auditory perception training can reduce the time required to learn English by half.


“The groups of students that followed sound-perception training as a complement to a standard course were able to reduce
learning time and the associated fatigue by half.”

Extract from the Audio-lingua report – University of Bologna

Naturally easy to use

Pronounce corrects your voice to help you integrate the sound of the English language.


Simply add Pronounce to your daily English work alone or with your teacher to integrate the English language.


Speak English with Pronounce a few minutes every day to significantly improve your fluency.


PRONOUNCE does not teach you grammar rules or vocabulary, it simply helps you to speak and understand English better.

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