Pronounce is a revolutionary headphone set that combines two innovative technologies. The instantaneous processing of the vocal signal via a dynamic filter familiarises your ear with the rhythm of English. The bone-conduction earpieces (transducers) transmit the sound of your voice in a natural and optimal manner.

  • bone conduction earphones

    Bone conduction

    “Cover up your ears and talk. Do you hear yourself clearly? This is due to bone conduction”. The sound of your voice is transmitted naturally by the vibration of the bones in the head. This mode of transmission is 10 times faster than in air and of far better quality. The headphone earpieces are positioned in front of the ear and transmit the sound of your voice by vibrating very lightly. In this way, you have an instantaneous and natural feedback of your own voice.

    This technology is used mainly by the army to enable soldiers on mission to communicate in the field without their ears being blocked. For some years now, vibration via bone conduction has also used in the medical field. In some cases it is possible to restore hearing ability by fitting bone-conduction implants in the inner ear. The renowned Google Glass® also uses this technology

  • pronounce dynamic filter

    The dynamic filter

    The dynamic filter is a technology used in cognitive science research to establish sound contrasts and stimulate a natural mechanism of brain focus. In short, the brain is sensitive to changes in sound occurrences that it cannot anticipate. By utilising a filter that activates and deactivates according to the rhythm of the voice, variations in sound energy are created without changing the nature of the message. These variations make it easier to assimilate a foreign language by breaking our rhythmic habits. We gradually teach our brain to assimilate other rhythms.

    As each language possesses its inherent musicality and rhythm, the initial settings of the filter help the learner to assimilate the cadence of the chosen language. The Pronounce filter is programmed to facilitate the assimilation of universal English

    • Listen to a voice without Pronounce

    • Listen to a voice with Pronounce

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